Text Box: Government
Text Box: The Kingdom of Ruritania is an actual nation under the Montevideo Convention with the right of self determination.  We are not a game, model or secessionist state.

We have sovereign territory of .5 acres of land surrounded by the State of Georgia as our Embassy in the United States. 

There are consulates in the States of Louisiana, Texas, Mississppi, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our current population is 50 and growing.

The Capital City is Strelsau.

Monetary units: 1 K (Kronen) = 1 US Dollar; 1 g (guilder) = 1 US cent.

Our official language is English.

There is no official state religion.
Text Box: Information
Text Box: Ruritania is an Absolute Monarchy based upon Divine Right. Queen Anastasia is the final authority in all Ruritanian matters. She is most ably served by Her Ministers, all of whom may be reached through the                                                  .
Ruritania does not tolerate or give refuge to criminals of any nation or micronation. We do not discriminate on bias of Religion, Race, Color, National Origin, Size, Gender, Age or Sexual Orientation. Ruritania does recognize dual citizenship.